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Daddis Training Centers

24  Reviews

(609) 706-2825
3 Larwin Rd
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
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(609) 706-2825

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If you want to take a practical self-defense class with a twist, call the team at Daddis Fight Camps. They offer the Tactical Urban Defense class and it is simply the greatest self-defense class around. Youメll learn how to defend yourself in a violent situation, handle multiple attackers, harness your fight or flight response, and avoid weapons in an attack. I cannot recommend this class enough to everyone but especially women. Enroll your wife, daughter, sister, mother or cousin today. It may one day save their life.


I love the strength, power, endurance, and fitness I get from the Muay Thai kickboxing classes at Daddis Fight Camps in Cherry Hill. The instructors are amazing and I love the idea of fighting my way to fitness while learning to defend myself at the same time. I have lost 30 pounds and developed great definition since signing up and I couldn't be happier. Get into Daddis Fight Camps today and try it for yourself, it's the best decision you will ever make.


Why spend hours in the gym trying to achieve your goals when the answers you are looking for are right in here South Jersey at Daddis Fight Camps. The kettlebell classes have given me the strength and definition I have been longing for and Muay Thai is simply the best cardio training you can get. I couldn't be happier with my results and if you want to achieve your fitness goals, you need to call them today. With a 30 day trial, you no longer have an excuse not to be your best.


I would never have imagined two years ago that I would become a martial arts addict. Back then my days and nights were spent on the sofa drinking beer and soda, filling up on crisps, candy, pastries, take out, and baked goods. I never touched vegetables or fruit. Now, I have fallen in love with exercise and vegetables and fruit are my favorite foods. I have completely changed my life and it's all thanks to the team at Daddis Fight Camps and their Muay Thai and kettlebell classes.


Forget the stereotypes you have in your mind about martial arts students in reality, they're completely different. When I joined a friend as she signed up for classes at Daddis Fight Camps in South Jersey, I was shocked to find people just like me take the classed. Big, small, fit, unfit, overweight, underweight the mix of people is amazing. There are even kids' classes available too! There's a 30 day trial to see if you like the classes and my friend convinced me to sign up too. I have to say it's the best decision I have ever made and it will be your best too.


Did you know most fights will end up on the ground at some point? Me either, until I enrolled in classes at Daddis Fight Camps that is. The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes have taught me so much, including grappling and how to win a fight on the ground. I love the feeling of knowing I can defend myself ヨ there really is no better feeling in the world. Visit the team at Daddis Fight Camps and talk to them today about their range of classes, you wonメt regret it for a second.


My daughter and I are both so happy we signed her up for the children's classes at Daddis Fight Camps' Cherry Hill center. Her social skills, confidence and self-esteem have shot up and she has so much fun and has made a lot of new friends. My daughter is more open and friendly now and actively participates at school and other social events ヨ she no longer hides in the corner anymore! The classes have given her a great sense of success and achievement and she loves setting goals now just to see if she can achieve them.


I love the kettlebell classes at Daddis Fight Camps in Cherry Hill. All the instructors are great and the class gives you the greatest workout I have ever had. My wife and I both take the classes and have achieved great results and it has certainly helped our relationship. Our kids take the children's martial arts classes and have changed so much in such a short time. We all have a new, healthy outlook on life now and look for any excuse to exercise now ヨ before we were too busy sitting on the sofa eating take out.


If you are looking for a self-defense class with a difference, try the Tactical Urban Defense classes offered by Daddis Fight Camps. These classes are amazing. A really practical class, you'll learn how to control your panic and flight or fight response, handle multiple attackers, deal with a verbal assault and escape from common holds. If you care about the women in your life and want them to be safe, get them into this class today. I only wish my friend had taken this class before she was attacked on the street.


Cherry Hill has the best boxing classes I have ever tried thanks to Daddis Fight Camps. You get a complete workout and the instructors are awesome. A friend suggested I take the 30 day trial to get started and I was hooked. I combine my boxing classes with the kettlebell classes and I am getting a complete workout for my entire body and I couldn't be happier with the results. I'm fitter, stronger and have more power and energy ヨ I love it! If you're looking for a new routine, give the team at Daddis Fight Camps a call today.


I have never had a better workout then the one I get from Muay Thai kickboxing at the Daddis Fight Camps' Cherry Hill center. There's no way to describe the feeling you get from a class that works every single muscle in your body. I was pretty unfit when I first started and struggle a bit with the first couple of classes but my fitness quickly improved and since then I have lost 40 pounds and counting. Muay Thai and Daddis Fight Camps have definitely changed my life for the better.


The mixed martial arts classes offered by Daddis Fight Camps are fantastic and so are the instructors. They have so much knowledge and know exactly how to help you achieve your goals. The variety in the classes give you a great mix of jiu jitsu, wrestling, kickboxing and grappling and you will leave class with the feeling that you really achieved something. Daddis Fight Camps offer a 30 day trial of their classes, so get in there today and try mixed martial arts for yourself.


With a 30 day free trial and a huge variety of classes, Daddis Fight Camps in South Jersey are the only place to go if you're looking for a workout with a difference. Kettlebells and Tactical Urban Defense are just two of the classes you won't find anywhere else, and there are even classes for kids. I love taking the kettlebell classes in South Jersey and they have completely changed my life. I never thought I could become this fit or strong but I'm proof the classes work.


If you're looking to try martial arts your first stop should be Daddis Fight Camps. With centers in Cherry Hill and South Jersey and a huge range of classes to choose from, there's sure to be something you'll love. From Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, mixed martial arts, and Muay Thai kickboxing to kettlebell workouts and kids classes, there's no longer any excuse to miss out on the benefits of martial arts. Call into a Daddis Fight Camps center today and take their 30 day trial to find the class for you.


There is only one form of martial arts worth doing and that's Muay Thai kickboxing and if you really want the best workout from the best instructors, you need to visit Daddis Fight Camps here in South Jersey. Not only will you get an incredible workout with Muay Thai but the interval-type nature of the class is a fantastic way to lose weight and get stronger and fitter. I've gotten better results in three months of Muay Thai than I ever did from years in the gym.


I was so happy to find kickboxing classes here in Cherry Hill and the team at Daddis Fight Camps is awesome. They teach you the culture and philosophy behind Muay Thai, as well as the correct footwork, punches and use of your knees and elbows. You get the most incredible workout from a Muay Thai class and I can't wait to get there each session. It's amazing how fast your fitness and strength improve and how quickly others notice the results as well.


It's safe to say that when some friends and I signed up for Muay Thai kickboxing classes at Daddis Fight Camps in South Jersey, we had no idea what we were getting into. But two months on, we are all still there, all still having fun and have all achieved incredible results. We've lost weight, toned up and fought our way to a body we can all be proud of. The classes give you such a high and its great walking out of class knowing you have just done something positive for yourself.


The team at Daddis Fight Camps here in Cherry Hill is amazing. I love their Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes and so happy with the results I am seeing. So far I have lost 30 pounds since starting five months. I would never have thought that was possible from a martial arts class. The team at Daddis Fight Camps also offers a 30 day trial so you can find the class thats right for you and with so many classes available theres sure to be on to suit you.


Daddis Fight Camps' Cherry Hill center has the best children's mixed martial arts classes in the area. My son absolutely loves attending classes their and beats me to the car each week. He is a lot happier and confident since starting the classes and has made a heap of new friends. He is really dedicated to his training and is enjoying life. I'm so proud of him and so impressed with the instructors at Daddis Fight Camps, they really know just how to motivate the kids to be their best.


If you want to boost your child's confidence and self-esteem and help them learn so incredible life skills such as discipline determination hard work focus leadership team work and personal success then give the team at Daddis Fight Camps a call. Their Cherry Hill center offers great kid's martial arts class and with a 30 day trial there's nothing to lose. My daughter hasn't looked back since I enrolled her six months ago and has so much fun. Martial arts is the best choice for her and we couldn't be happier.


Since taking classes at Daddis Fight Camps I have lost 30 pounds three dress sizes and increased my energy levels strength and fitness. The secret? Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! The BJJ classes in South Jersey have fantastic and the instructors are absolutely amazing. I never though exercise could be this much fun. I enjoy training with the Daddis team so much that I'm signing up next week to take Muay Thai classes as well. I love being fighting fit and you will too. Call Daddis Fight Camps today.


The kettlebell classes in Cherry Hill are the greatest classes I have ever done. The team at Daddis Fight Camps has out-done themselves this time. As well as training your core kettlebell classes give you a functional workout making you stronger for everyday activities. I absolutely love kettlebell classes and since starting them five months ago I have lost 30 pounds of fat and gained 10 pounds in muscle. Don't bother with the gym get into kettlebells �– they will change your body for the better.


If you're after a new, awesome workout that really gets results, get into Daddis Fight Camps in Cherry Hill and take their kettlebell class today. Kettlebell training works your core as well as every other part of your body to give you amazing strength and definition. Say good-bye to boring gym workouts and start training with kettlebells. I have gotten the most amazing results since switching to kettlebells and couldn't be happier. Call the team at Daddis Fight Camps to find out more.


The best decision I ever was to enroll my son in the children's mixed martial arts classes at the Daddis Fight Camps' Cherry Hill center. He can't get enough of them! Not only is my son learning martial arts skills but useful life skills such as discipline, focus, determination, achievement and goal setting. My son is a changed person since he's started taking the classes and is even doing better at school. I can't thank the team at Daddis Fight Camps enough for helping change my son's life for the better.

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