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In Another World Massage

11  Reviews

(856) 625-2906
878 Haddon Ave
Collingswood, NJ 08108
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SALE*****$50.00****** 1 hour massage As always all included

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(856) 625-2906

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Visa , Mastercard , Discover , Diners Club , Debit Card , All Other Major Credit Cards

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Average Rating (11)


I received 2 gift certificates to Another World Massage Therapy in a gift basket I won. When my mother called Dan he said he can only do one person at a time because it is only him which is fine. My mom didn't schedule an appointment because she didn't know when I would be available so Dan told my mom to tell me to text him to schedule and appointment. I did so, he seemed very nice at first then started to creep me out by adding smiley faces to the text messages. We scheduled for Thursday at 530. When I showed up the door was locked so I knocked multiple times then even tried to call him twice. i stood outside for 15 minutes trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. He ended up standing me up. I also would like to mention that I live further than a half hour away so I planned my whole day around it. I don't know how any business can survive by standing up customers. Granted I did have a gift certificate so that might be how… he gets paid and does not do the job. I'm very disappointed. I highly suggest NOT GOING!!!!


OK... so it has been almost a week since I got my massage, but I wanted to wait to write this as to make sure the experience was complete. I contacted Dan last Saturday, after recieving his "January Jumpstart" offer, and he agreed to see me later that afternoon. It had been about 6 months since my last visit to "In Another World", and a long holiday season from Thanksgiving till now of working 10 hours a day, 6 days a week, slicing luncheon meats and cheese for a local ShopRite. Needless to say my body was tight and sore, to the point I was loosing mobility in my neck, making it difficult to even drive. From the moment you approach "In Another World" the relaxation process begins, with the peal of outdoor wind chimes, and the charming wrap around Victorian porch which guides you into the inner sanctuary. Dan's friendly smile and gregarious personality put you at ease from the moment he invites you in. The candle lit therapy space is scerene with the quiet trickle of a water fountain and the calming music in the backgound. The air temp in the room seems cool, but the warm soft blankets cause you to melt into the massage table, along with all your troubles. My massage was intense as Dan had to work very hard to relieve all the stress and tension in my shoulders, back, neck and thighs. The massage was deep...deeper than any you will get anywhere else... but just what I needed. I felt a bit beatup when it was complete, (I think Dan did too as it was quite a workout for him as well), but I had mobility in areas that had been locked up for so long it felt wonderful... much like the Tin Man after a good lube job. So now almost a week later I still feel great and was not nearly as sore as I thought I would be. Thank you Dan for giving me the opportunity to treat myself to one of the best gifts I got over this past holiday season and to a great "JumpStart" for this new year. Thanks Again!!!!


I've been getting massages for years, but after meeting with Dan, I don't spend my money anywhere else. I enjoy very deep tissue and thats exactly what I get. When he's done with the session I am so well worked over that i can hardly get up off the table. I always know that I'll get what i expect from the massage every time...a really great, worth the money experience. His rates are low compared to alot of therapists and I even moved out of NJ and still continue to go to him for treatments. Check him out!!!!!

nancy macbride

I was given a gift certificate to Another World from my husband. I have chronic sinus headaches and minor back pain. It just so happened I had a headache the day of my massage. Within 15 minutes of treatment, I was headache free. My back felt great. I had no back pain for weeks following my massage. I would highly recommend Daniel.


I am a massage therapist. I have had well over a hundred massages in my lifetime. However, I have never had a massage like the one that is given by Dan Caruso at In Another World Massage Therapy in Collingswood, NJ At first you think that his massage is just like any other, it begins with a general warm up of your muscles. But then the surprises begin. His Ashiatsu techniques are completely unique to any massage I have ever had before. Rather than using his hands, Dan begins to use his magic feet to provide extremely deep tissue massage techniques. I suffer from chronic neck, shoulder, lower back and hip pain, along with sciatica. I frequently experience numbness in my arms and hands, as well as my legs and feet. After a session with Dan, my entire body feels completely energized and the stiffness and tightness in my shoulders and neck is gone. There is also a significant increase in the range of motion in my hip after his session. I would highly recommend that anyone who has any type of chronic pain pay Dan a visit, and anyone who wants to relax and feel pampered to do the same. With his combination of Swedish, hot stone, deep tissue, and Ashiatsu techniques, Dan can tailor your massage to be whatever you want it to be. I plan to make it a regular practice to see Dan again, in order to continue to maintain my flexibility and mobility. This is very important to me as a massage therapist myself, because it is imperative that I keep my body in as top condition as possible, so that I can also continue to work on my own clients without frequent episodes of pain or discomfort. I highly recommend that you try Dan, you won't be sorry. Also as a massage therapist, I have picked up some wonderful techniques from Dan that I can use in my own practice. He is very willing to share information and knowledge with others and he takes the time to focus on your issues and address them specifically. You will not be disappointed, and you just might learn something as well. Joanne G. Barrington, NJ


Dan has been able to address the spasms, aches and pains due stress and travel by getting deep into the muscle tissues. Being a pretty big guy, its hard to feel the real effects of a massage. this is an investment in my health, and actually recommended by my chiropractor.

martha collings

I have spinal stenosis and an old fracture in my spine which is now very arthritic. Without the help of Dan's unusual techniques, I would be living in severe pain. He works magic for me.


So I'm the person who gets massages every week... Many reasons....sciatica, numbness, fatigue & overall stress magnet. I have been to the asians, the overly priced spas & the walk ins welcome place...All are good for your typical just out of school massage..HOWEVER Daniel has extra certifications beyond the run of the mill CMT..He actually can help you..I have joint issues sometimes & he works & stretches them out so i have better mobility & add a spring to my step. If you suffer from chronic pain he is definately the guy for you.


I spent a long time looking for a good massage therapist, and Daniel ended the search. His ashiatsu treatment works deep into muscles and is a great way to destress and unwind. He's got a broad knowledge of the mechanics of the human body and that informs his work. I'd recommend him highly for any massage needs, but in particular, sports-type massage. Go for at least the hour, it's well worth it!

kim m

I went in feeling stressed with a sore neck and trapezius, sciatica and lower back ache. I walked out feeling awesome! My muscles felt relaxed, I had more energy, and it was the best massage ever! Highly recommend Daniel. He's thorough, knowledgeable, and he really cares about making you feel better. Five stars!

anne caruso

I've had many massages throughout the years but Dan tops them all. I've suffered from migraine headaches and neck pain for many years and Dan is able to relieve the pain through his "magic hands." He also offers hot stone and believe it or not massage with his feet. All services are top notch and I would highly recommend him. Also note that he is very accomodating with appointments. He is sensitive to people that are in pain and gives same day appointments.

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